Our nation has some crucial years ahead: times that will determine the health of the American Dream and the place of America in the larger world. As the 2016 election draws near, more United States citizens are realizing the paramount importance of taking control of the country out of the hands of the elites and putting it squarely in those of the American people. We have a golden opportunity to bring the nation to new heights of greatness, so let’s not miss out – together, we can make a real difference!

When I am your Representative in Congress, I will fight to balance government’s role with the duty of the everyday American. I will be your advocate for tax reform, term limit changes and a border secure from foreign threats. I will make immigration structured, safe and sane. These things are within our grasp, but can only come about with your help!

Today we ask that you make a contribution to help Dave Rosa fight to give you a voice in Congress and a more decided say in the future of our changing country. We encourage you to give what you can and spread the word!


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