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The economy of Southeastern Massachusetts, that is to say, the 4th Congressional District, was for 100 years based on manufacturing and textiles. It was huge, and it made a giant contribution to the nation and I dare say to the world. Today only a small remnant of that rich manufacturing history remains. It was so successful to draw immigrants from across Europe who came here to be Americans and help make our industry, our communities and our cities great places to live and work. Today, the giant mills are often converted to subsidized housing, left empty and underutilized and from time to time burn down due to neglect.

Thanks to government polices put into place over time by policymakers, including the Kennedys, any rebirth of the manufacturing miracle is all but vanished. If we are to truly recover we must shed ourselves of political royalty like Joe Kennedy and establishment politicians. What we don’t need is a lot of talk about training for some job in the future, we need the government out of our way right now.

We don’t need the hollow promise of the government helping workers to develop skills. We have proved over and over again that we can acquire skills working with industry not government. We don’t need abstract goals promoted by political royalty like some magic show. We don’t need some hocus-pocus foot dragging committee in Congress pretending to guide us to some abstract future. We need government out of the way and we need the industry empowered to grow our economy and get us back to work. That is what I will work for as your next congressman.

  • Tax Reform

  • Strong Military

  • Secure Borders

  • Safe and Sane Immigration

  • Term Limits

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While our immediate economy benefits from a broad range of activities, some of those can not be exported, such as healthcare. Others are highly subject to foreign technology and imports. Our current batch of establishment politicians seem unable to keep our technological edge in manufacturing, research and information technology from being hijacked by foreign governments and their surrogate business enterprises. I will work with the house majority party, my fellow Republicans, to turn this all around and put us back in the driver’s seat.


In Washington I will work with Republicans to get and pass legislation that will power our economic revival and protect our industries here in the 4th District.

No more pretend “legislative acts” proffered with some pretend republican which are unnecessary and will only succeed in increasing our tax burden while subsidizing businesses which may have no real economic reason to exist. Gone will be the trickery of political royalty and establishment politicians.

Advances in science and technology will certainly be part of our future, but small businesses like the rest of us need even bigger business ventures that give rise to growing communities. I believe we have had enough of solutions offered by establishment democrats. I hope you will join with me in clearing the playing field for real Republican solutions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be our servant not our master.

If we change direction now I believe the issues associated with a stressed economy will become a thing of the past, like the Great Depression.

Our current economic decline can be tracked right back to the misguided and deliberate efforts of democrats like Barney Frank – let’s not make that mistake again. If we are recovering it is solely because of our determined work ethic. I say let’s not surrender our hard fought gains to those that brought us to the brink of economic ruin. Time for leadership that works to set the stage for a real American economic revival.


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